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Affiliate Marketing 2019: How To Start Without A Website?


Affiliate marketing without a website is it possible? 

Welcome! to my website if you’re new here make sure to subscribe so you can stay updated about future posts if you’re new to the tribe here I’m going to talk about affiliate marketing and answer them all question how do you get started with affiliate marketing today without a website. You don’t need a website to get started but if you really want to succeed with affiliate marketing and kind of and create the income that will create the kind of freedom so that you
can do what you want to do offline then I highly recommend you have a website and in here I’m actually going to be sharing with you five methods that you can get started with affiliate marketing without a website. If you want to know about digital marketing you can read Affiliate Marketing 2019 What It Is And How It Works?

Affiliate Marketing

The reason why I got started with affiliate marketing is because it’s literally you know uncapped potential if you’re working a nine-to-five if you’re a coach and a consultant you literally work you know dollar for hours for time you know you’re working time you’re putting in the time for the money and if you’re sick or if you need to go do something for your kids or whatever you want to do or if you want to take vacation you have to ask somebody or you have to get the time off and you don’t get paid right like if in some cases if you don’t have enough sick time or vacation like you don’t get paid if you’re not putting in the time so I mean that’s you know obviously you know and it’s that’s how if you’re a business owner right and you’re not gonna pay for people to have you know time off unless you have a little bit of vacation time or whatever but for affiliate marketing it’s literally uncapped potential the more value you’re able to put in and share with people these offers and the more value you put into the marketplace the more likely you’re going to have more income and generate more commissions the more value that you put out like I said so you know I got started because I was you and I wanted more freedom to hang out as you know to go and live and do the things I want to do and I literally got started. 

There’s a huge potential and maybe that’s why you’re here and now you’re wondering can you do this without a website yes you can like I said but if you really want to succeed then I highly recommend you do have a website so let me kill some objections for you about websites one you might be thinking well I don’t have the money I’m completely broke I don’t have the money to create a website and you might be thinking it might be a thousands and thousands of dollars no it’s literally like you can create a website. You literally you can build it for less than $100 and yeah 100 dollars a year so it’d be like less than 3 bucks a month and if you don’t have you know three to $10 a month then you might be you know you gotta get your hustle on and do something else to make that make some money right?

Affiliate Marketing

So affiliate marketing might not be for you just yet but I highly recommend like I said to have a website it’s like less than ten dollars or you can get it down to like three dollars a month for hosting service and you gotta buy your domain name and all that stuff and the reason why you’re gonna want to have a website is because you’re going to want to get approved for the affiliate networks and programs okay they’re gonna ask you if you’re not already going through the program, if you don’t own the product and if you’re not going through there you know the system you can easily get approved if you’ve actually already owned the product or like I have Clickfunnels. You can Read My Clickfunnels Review Here.

I have you know if you’re an associate and was on associate you can easily get approved for those types of sites because it’s low ticket like literally, you don’t make barely any commissions if you’re selling you know referral referring that stuff out to Amazon but you literally like you don’t make that much money so the reason why you want to have a website is because you want to get approved by these sites and they’re gonna ask you how are you gonna promote this you know our product or services and they’re going to want to know what your website is so in order to get approved they need a website and you also want to have a website so you can collect emails right? you want to have been able to have followed up I always say fortune is in the follow up and if you don’t have a website you might not have that system already set up you want to have systems and automation in your business and you want to be able to follow up if you’re going to provide if you want to make the kind of income like I said to help you create the kind of freedom that you want then you’re going to want to be able to sell products that have a reoccurring Commission and do you know the kind of commissions that I make are 40% off of a high ticket like digital products. Those are the reasons why you would want to have a website but like I said you don’t need to have a website to get started and I’m gonna share with you five methods right now.


1. YouTube, get started with a phone camera right like we all have a phone a smartphone you can film videos on your phone and the reason to love videos is because you can build relationships, like and trust every time  get a lead or a talk to someone on in person, like how did you find me they’re like I saw your YouTube videos and you just seem like a genuine person and you really want to help people and that’s what you love about videos the benefit of doing a video is you can share your story and really build relationships building alike and trust people feel like they know you after watching your videos and you can really tell people the benefits so you want to create videos on YouTube and you don’t need a website to do that right? you just need your phone or your laptop.

So YouTube you can easily rank them if you’re a writer if you’re really good at the written and you’re not you’re afraid of going on camera then that’s another reason why you need to have a website but if you’re not afraid of facing camera just create videos and you can easily rank your videos with Youtubesecrets Make Money From Youtube With No Filming, No Marketing And No Website. 24/7 once you put video out there now it’s working for me 24/7 and now I’m creating an asset basically online I have videos that I’ve created earlier that still get tons of traffic the video is still working for me 24/7 while I sleep it’s building know like and trust people are watching these videos and this is another thing it’s like you’re building warm traffic. This one of the methods that you can generate income through affiliate marketing without a website is, create a YouTube channel and start doing videos about the benefits of the products and services your you’re providing for.

Affiliate Marketing 2019

2. Landing page, so I like I was just talking about Clickfunnels you can create a landing page with Clickfunnels it’s like a mini website it’s totally different than an actual website because websites are totally dead I know you’ve seen that from the founder of Clickfunnels he talks about how websites are dead because you have too many it’s like walking into a store and you got too many options right like when you go to a store you’re like looking for one thing and so that’s what a landing page would you a capture page is another word for it a lead magnet you’re offering one thing you’re solving one problem you have one goal is to create to get that email right so you’re maybe you’re offering a case study or a checklist or something of value and you have this one thing that they’re entering their name and email address now you have them in a sales funnel and this is great for selling high ticket offers because compared to a low ticket where maybe you do a review on like microphone is like less than a hundred dollars it’s low ticket they don’t really need to be convinced any more than just like wow okay that I saw the benefits of this camera or microphone and I’m just gonna buy it and then click on your link and they buy it right but if you’re a pro you know some trying to sell high ticket programs that are $500 or more they’re going to need some more education they’re going to want to do their research and so you’re going to want to make sure you have a landing page to capture that lead before sending them to the offer look because you don’t want to send them directly to the offer and you’re gonna lose the sale.

So once you sent you to know are able to capture the lead with a landing page now you can help them make an educated decision whether or not this product or course or services for them there’s more than $500 they’re gonna need more you know coaching they’re gonna need more education you’re going to need more rapport to build with that person and that’s why you’ll have like four or five emails already set up to go off after they enter their name and email address in landing page you’re going to follow up with them with about four or five different emails helping them make that decision providing them either different websites or different videos or you know telling them stories about other people who’ve benefited from this product or service and these emails are going to be pre-written and set up for you in your system this is a sales funnel system doing all the selling for you. I was just talking to my friend and I was telling him your job is an affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to the offer and capture these leads and you will you know they have this system have the email follow-ups do all the selling the sales funnel does the selling your job is just to drive the traffic to the landing page so that’s another way that you can do this number two planning creating a landing page to sell your affiliate marketing offers without a website.

Affiliate Marketing

3. Facebook groups, so Facebook groups you can create a community. Having a Facebook group is a great way to create a community of like-minded people in a certain niche so maybe you’re selling you know weight loss or keto whatever niche it is you create a community of people it is a great way to create free organic traffic to your offers you can you know the thing with Facebook groups is that you also have to have some kind somebody managing it, be active in there but the great thing about it is you can also get free organic traffic so if your group starts getting really good traction and you’re starting to engage with people then Facebook relaxers suggest it to other people who are in similar groups and suggest them to go and you know to get added into that to your group you can also collect emails with Facebook groups so you can have three questions that you ask someone before they join. Don’t make leave it open to the public unless you want to just add anybody but ask the three questions to make sure that people understand that you don’t want them spamming the group and if they want your freebie offer then ask them to enter their name email address and then also ask what is their major problem that you could help them with right?


So, these are great questions to survey your potential prospects as they add themselves to the group they need to actually answer those three questions before they get in so it’s important to add you know to ask people for their email address because this is another way to build your list because if you have it and if Facebook goes away tomorrow if YouTube goes away tomorrow the only thing you own is your list so that’s why it’s important to build an email list and so that’s one of the questions that you can ask when someone injures your Facebook group so that’s another way that you can make money through affiliate marketing without a website.

Affiliate Marketing

4. Instagram, so Instagram is free also another free platform the thing with Instagram is it’s not really sticky right like with the website you can put your stuff on there or with like YouTube it’s out there the video is out there working and people are able to search for that video. Whereas, Instagram they can’t search for the video you know that it’s you do have hashtags but the video you know Instagram stories are only good for 24 hours. and as you know the feed in the front part it’s only that you want to see like the first nine if people actually scroll through not a lot of people are gonna scroll through and look at all of your pictures and your texts and things like that so there’s no search there’s no way to really review there’s no automation so a lot of the times what I use Instagram for is to drive them to drive the traffic from Instagram to my new posts or to ask questions and create community and but I’m always sending them somewhere else. So you can funnel them to the YouTube channel or on Facebook or let them know that you’re going live or let them know about other things but it’s more of a real-time traffic source it’s not like YouTube or people can actually search for things or Google if you have you know how? 

5. Actually, I’m going to go back to Facebook I use my facebook profile heavily. Some of you may not be your kind of be hesitant about using your personal profile page because you have your friends and your family or whatever but I literally have been using earlier don’t care like if my friends and family like comment or jump on my live streams it’s cool whatever if you are like super authentic all the time and don’t really don’t care if your friends and family are people from high school jump bomb, but if you do have hesitant about it you can create another account that’s just like businesspeople because if you literally need your personal profile to join certain Facebook groups so go and be active in other groups, have a Chrome extension that helps you kind of clean up your Facebook page, constantly add people who have similar backgrounds as yourself or your potential prospects in different groups and we have a lot of the same types of friends, so they might be interested in the stuff that you’re doing so the Facebook personal profile is very good. By doing a live stream on your personal page and inviting them to a free book offer you can make your first 200 dollars like within 24 hours like less like a few hours of that video, so I think Facebook profile pages are still great so again like I said you know people have those objections money time and knowledge about anything hopefully you’re able to kill those objections about getting a website I think it’s highly important if you really want to succeed with affiliate marketing to have your own website or at least a landing page to capture your leads and you can do that with Clickfunnels.

Affiliate Marketing

Understand that affiliate marketing is a lot of work I mean I would really put a lot of work and mindset is also the key to because you’re not only going to get you’re gonna get haters from other people as I said maybe you get in your head about friends and family being on your Facebook page people are going to dislike your videos and this article or hopefully I get more likes and dislikes but you’re gonna get in your head yourself not only on the outside but you’re also gonna have to work on your mindset internally I work with a lot of people who are like I just don’t feel like I’m an expert yet or I’m just getting started like you’re so great at your videos/posts and I don’t know if I can do that too well you can do that and being around the right environment being part groups or coaching with is going to help you put in the right put yourself in the right environment. Thank you so much for being here and hopefully, this is a value to you and I have tons of resources for you in it. If you have any questions for me please comment below I’m going to write more posts like this that will have a ton of value for you so that you can be successful at affiliate marketing and make the kind of income that you want to. You can create the freedom that you want to live the life of your dreams alright thanks again…


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