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Amazon Online Marketing Classroom 7-Steps To Get $100k!



The Online Marketing Classroom has a wealth of resources to choose from to enable you to improve your business whether you’re just starting out, or if you have an existing business where you want to improve your sales or profits, or if you’re a marketing professional or agency. I have learned more from this course over the past month than I have in 5 years of the previous self-employment!

When you have a membership to the Online Marketing Classroom you have full access to everything!

The site is immediately visually pleasing to look at, in nice clear sections with easily identifiable icons too:

Online Marketing Amzon

It’s intuitive to know where to click and to find your way around quickly to sections that are of most benefit to you.



[EXCLUSIVE] The most PROFITABLE products *Hand-Picked* for YOU…  

I highly recommend that you watch this exclusive workshop where two friends of mine reveal a surprisingly simple 3-Part system which generates their business more than $50K every 30 days ….and has done for years.  

During the workshop, they reveal how you can use the system too.  

— Click here to watch now Affiliate Marketing Webinar 

This is NOT “eCommerce”. You don’t deal with suppliers, wholesalers, shipping, inventory – any of that.  

You don’t talk to customers.  

You don’t even need a product.  

To give you a clue, this is about launching super-simple, ultra-focused webpages that promote OTHER people’s products for instant commissions.  

The aim is to bring in $1000/month to start – then scale up from $1K/month… to $10K/month – and ever up from there.  

As you’ll discover on the call, the most exciting thing is that they have set everything up for you.  

– They have *hand-picked* the most profitable products – They have designed and built the “money-pages” – They have written all the sales copy  

…and have completed all the time-consuming elements of the system.  

All YOU need to do is follow 7-simple steps to get everything online so you can start generating commissions as quickly as possible.  

It’s an amazing presentation.  

— Click here to watch it now Affiliate Marketing Webinar




Benefit from Specialist Expertise

Affiliate Marketing Amzon

The systems, tools, and assets described on the site have been tried and tested by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth to make their own successful business; and to improve businesses of their 50,000 members. Because new people join all the time and have slightly different requirements and Steven and Aidan have trained, coached, taught and communicated with these people; this gives them the experience to help other businesspeople in similar situations. Regardless of your current circumstances as a new or existing business owner, a sole trader, or a team of 50+ this site can improve your business. This site is great for saving you from having to learn the hard way through mistakes, which can be time-consuming, frustrating, expensive and can damage your business; instead, it fast-tracks you to have a more profitable and successful business.

Just some of the MANY benefits of the site include the following:




Business Plan


There are Labs that include how to:

  • build a business plan
  • sell your own branded products on Amazon
  • create a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultancy to earn income from local businesses
  • do affiliate marketing, selling people’s products for profit
  • create and market your own information products and get affiliates on board to sell these for you
  • build a Kindle publishing business.

The labs are very specific depending on which business area interests you. For me, I was personally interested in the Kindle Lab.

Inside the labs there are ‘cheat sheets’ where you can learn more about the techniques that work in particular areas; there are webinars; there’s information based on business expert techniques that have worked, and ‘secrets’; software tools; information about funding, forecasting, tracking and cash flow; information about how to build funnels; blog posts; information about fee and paid for tools and services; a commission blueprint evolution course; and a $40 million dollar launch manual.




Affiliate Traffic


The Tutorials are split into three main categories:

  1. Traffic
  2. Cashflow
  3. Conversions


Under ‘Traffic you can learn how to: Affiliate Marketing Amzon

  • Create income from a membership site
  • Optimize your site for voice searches
  • Build a chatbot for messenger marketing
  • Gain leads via n UpViral contest
  • Grow your business with Facebook Groups
  • Sell SEO services to local businesses


Under ‘Cashflow’ you can learn how to:Affiliate Marketing Amazon

  • Double your productivity
  • Grow your eCommerce business
  • Grow your business
  • Prioritize and self-motivated
  • Get traffic from Google Shopping
  • Accelerate your eCommerce business


Under ‘Conversions’ you can learn how to:Affiliate Marketing Amazon

  • Write a sales letter that converts
  • Grow your eCommerce
  • Create a customer profile
  • Scale your business using automation
  • Get influencers to promote your brand
  • Sell using psychology



Affiliate Marketing Amazon


There’s a workshop every month. Here is what has taken place so far throughout 2019:

  • January 2019 – How to Write Sales Letters That Convert
  • February 2019 – How to Double Your Productivity
  • March 2019 – Create Recurring Income with a Membership Site
  • April 2019 – How to Start a Successful Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Affiliate Business
  • May 2019 – How to Set up a Successful Infoproduct Business




Affiliate Marketing Tools

The resources offered on this site are phenomenal. Amongst the software offered on the site, this includes:

  • BlackBird – a package to grow your Amazon business, including 60 training videos.
  • Hawkeye – for either eCommerce or Affiliate marketing.
  • Landing Page Launchpad – to help build pages that have a high conversion rate or get people to sign up to an email list, event, products or services.
  • Viral Search Tool – to type in relevant keywords
  • BounceBreaker – to capture email addresses or direct people to pages
  • Trustify Seals – to get seals that encourage more conversions
  • Traffic Spy – a web analytics tool runoff
  • Crowdforce –allow you to identify popular Facebook posts and filter YouTube videos
  • Domains on Fire – to find expired or expiring domains
  • Ebook Launchpad – to create Kindle books
  • Ecom Product Finder – to find eCommerce niches
  • Keyword Blaze 2.0 – to find and rank keywords and competitors



Affiliate Marketing Resources

Under resources are some 3rd party resources and tools listed, that most require a subscription to, but can be useful once your business is up and running. The key one recommended is Aweber to help with building up a list of subscribers. But other resources include: Float Hosting,, Optimonk, AdEspresso, VWO, Clicky, and AW Pro Tools.



Affiliate Marketing Amazon

The Online Marketing Classroom has a private Facebook Group, where members can ask any marketing questions. It’s a really supportive environment, plus there are mentors who can support you too.

$7500/month in 60 Days or less… (accept the CHALLENGE?)  

I highly recommend that you watch the replay of the ‘7-Step Sales System’ workshop that my friends Steve and Aidan ran the other today…  

Click here to watch E-commerce Training Webinar  

On the call, they revealed a really simple 7-step sales system that both they and our students have been using over the past year to generate as much as $10,000 per day.  

…and how they are going to “challenge” you to copy the system, start earning $25 each day, quickly get to $7500 each month (within the first 60 days)… and keep scaling up from there.  

Here are a few things they covered…  

– How to sell thousands of simple products online, with NO website, ZERO advertising and without large inventory orders. – The secret 10-minute formula to finding ‘Gold’ that virtually guarantees you’ll find a winning product EVERY time. – The *master-key* to the 15-Day “Compounding Cycle” that’ll allow you to snowball your income (99% of people IGNORE this) – How this “Compounding Cycle” takes $500 and turns it into $271,400 (This is a critical component of the system) – How to tap into the MOTHERLOAD of free traffic that can generate as much as 850,000 visitors in just ONE month. – A UNIQUE, RADICAL and FUN Approach that will obliterate any obstacles and push you to your first Pay Check in record time. – How their students have collectively used this model to make TENS of millions of dollars.  

… and much more!  

CLICK HERE for E-commerce Training Webinar



Other Information

The Online Marketing classroom also has challenges that you can get involved with to help you improve the sales in your business in a set amount of time. The site also has case studies, such as the ‘Natural Earth Kitchen’ to demonstrate how an eCommerce business can be built and launched successfully. The Online Marketing Classroom has the Commission Blueprint a full affiliate marketing training course and Outsource Mastery Training (with 7 training modules). There are relevant news articles included such as TED talks, and interviews. There are also courses. It’s possible to ask questions in the private Facebook community, or if there are technical issues about the software or about your membership you can take a support ticket and your query will be answered within 1-2 business days. There’s a page that lists the latest updates to the site, that you can check in with from time-to-time to ensure that you’re aware of what is new, and what you may not have seen yet.


Great Value for Money

The Online Marketing Classroom is a highly practical site; membership does not simply give you information, with the membership you also get access to a software suite full of tools that you can actively use and implement to make your business more successful and profitable. This software has taken years and a lot of expense to develop, and it’s shared with members. The software can increase traffic to sites, increase profits, and do this very quickly. By having these tools, it may mean you can save money spent on other subscriptions. The tools can increase Amazon reviews, track products, monitor competition, find niches, find relevant keywords and more.


In summary, this is a truly tremendous collection of information, training, and resources perfect for entrepreneurs at all stages of their career. If you want to make your business more profitable and successful, I can’t recommend the Online Marketing Classroom enough! In my field of work, there were certain sections that were immediately more of a draw to me than others; but I have friends and colleagues in other diverse businesses who I know this site will be enormously helpful to also, and I will be recommending it to them!

The Online Marketing Classroom is great because not everyone starting or already in business has the time to enroll on entrepreneurship or business degree or read huge lengthy books; they’re often too busy trying to make their business work. The information on this site is really targeted in specific relevant areas and is perfectly bite-sized and immediately able to be implemented swiftly to make real changes to your business and life, with tried and tested immensely positive results. Because it’s an online source, you can watch the webinars 24/7 as and when they fit in with your busy schedule. If you need to re-watch, or re-cap on a cheat-sheet you can as many times as you want. Sometimes starting a business can feel a lonely process, but the Online Marketing Classroom information makes you feel fully supported and like you have someone to turn to for advice. The ideas on it are cutting edge and innovative, so they’re highly relevant to business now and for the future; and can give you an edge over your competitors who may not have taken the time to learn these new techniques.


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