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Affiliate Marketing Tools

The resources offered on this site are phenomenal. Amongst the software offered on the site, this includes:
– BlackBird – a package to grow your Amazon business, including 60 training videos.
– Hawkeye – for either eCommerce or Affiliate marketing.
– Landing Page Launchpad – to help build pages that have a high conversion rate or get people to sign up to an email list, event, products or services.
– Viral Search Tool – to type in relevant keywords
– BounceBreaker – to capture email addresses or direct people to pages
– Trustify Seals – to get seals that encourage more conversions
– Traffic Spy – a web analytics tool run off
– Crowdforce –allow you to identify popular Facebook posts and filter YouTube videos
– Domains on Fire – to find expired or expiring domains
– Ebook Launchpad – to create Kindle books
– Ecom Product Finder – to find eCommerce niches
– Keyword Blaze 2.0 – to find and rank keywords and competitors

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